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Are you Leveraging Modern Marketing, Correctly?


Digital marketing is dynamic and can get complex. In the age of information overload, businesses cannot afford marketing strategy to be a hit or a miss.

Digital Genie is your partner because you know that leveraging highly targeted marketing can give an edge to your business. You'll agree, there are several options for businesses to communicate in the digital landscape.

Which marketing tool should one choose to stand out in the crowd?

Why marketing budget is never enough to get the optimal Return on Marketing Investment?

Digital Genie helps you to join the dots and integrate the most relevant modern marketing options available.

The first step is always to know who is your target audience.  Building buyer persona(s) is an important tool to start with as it helps the entire company to understand 'who' is the customer.

With modern marketing and technological advancement, reaching to target audience has become simpler. Today, small and mid-sized businesses can access the same tools like the larger enterprises. As a leader to grow your business you need the outside-in view to understand how the tools are integrating and how your team can cope with ever-evolving digital marketing landscape. 

With an overall digital marketing audit, Digital Genie can offer you gap-analysis, innovative ways you can pivot during the current challenging times and how modern marketing investments can be optimally linked together.

Great brands are build with a vision and realising that vision are ambitious thought leaders. Digital Genie works with Coaches, Authors, Entrepreneurs to build their thought leadership based on modern marketing principles.

"Digital Genie has created tremendous value for Platinum VA over the years. Surbhi and her team have supported us on branding, buyer personas and consistently growing our marketing outreach. We appreciate Digital Genie’s partnership with us to deliver solutions that connect to the big picture. The enthusiasm and team spirit with which they have delivered digital strategy spirit is commendable."

- Platinum Star Management Consultancies, UAE

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