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About Us

Digital Genie specializes in building Buyer Personas, Marketing Strategy & Thought Leadership.

We partner with businesses who know that leveraging highly targeted modern marketing can give them an edge. ​

Buyer personas are the foundation for all marketing activities and we enable clients to think customer first. In fact, without a clear idea of a customer a business cannot even operate for long.

We enjoy building the narrative behind the brand that can be translated into strategy to deliver business results.

Digital Genie’s team is remote and comprises of experienced consultants who are specialists in their experience and innovative in their thinking. 

We bring modern marketing to life for companies with a holistic approach. 

​Digital Genie has successfully delivered results to clients in the Middle East and in Singapore.


Surbhi Dedhia

Surbhi Dedhia is an astute digital marketing specialist. She heads Digital Genie's day to day operations as well as strategy. 

Under her leadership, Digital Genie partners with businesses to create customer personas which is the foundation of all marketing activities to acquire and serve the targeted buyer’s needs.

Before starting her own business, Surbhi was responsible in delivering effective and value-based marketing programs for organisations at different growth phases. From setting up the marketing function from ground up to leading the marketing arm of a large multinational, Surbhi’s work experience has been enriched with critical elements of marketing that drive business results.

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