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Colleagues Working Together

Marketing Strategy

Savvy B2B business owners may invest in technology, adopt latest marketing applications and yet, may not see the return on investments. Modern marketing often demands huge upfront costs and endless waiting time to reap the full potential.

Digital Genie knows that just investing in sophisticated tools is not enough. Marketing today, requires conversations, accountability and most importantly consistency.

Digital Genie is an extension of marketing department for small and medium businesses who need quarterly/

six-monthly support to channelize their marketing dollar correctly. The dynamic nature of marketing can throw many passionate business owners off-guard. With a partner like Digital Genie, business owners can be assured that their marketing dollar is being spent on the right strategy from time to time to maximise the return on marketing investment.


We often find that marketing department has missed out on the big picture and so the lead quality suffers. We enable marketers and businesses by rethinking the best use of the tools and joining the dots with their big picture.

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