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Building Thought Leadership 

We believe that every business owner has a story – of a dream turning into reality, of valiant passion, of struggle and beyond everything a story of inspiration. This knowledge base can be invaluable to everyone. These stories can bring out the best in someone else.

A powerful narrative can build a powerful brand. A visionary business owner can portray the impact of his or her thinking on the business.

Now is the time to leverage and channelize your thought leadership in a structured way by using Digital Genie’s Thought Leadership Builder Program. We partner with passionate individuals who want to leave a mark behind and make this world a better place.


Case studies



There are several possibilities from simplest to the ones that are long-term. Let’s start a conversation today!

"Surbhi and her team at Digital Genie are experts at catching interesting narratives. Being an entrepreneur, coach and mentor for several years, I have developed the experience that has benefited my mentees. With Digital Genie’s support I have expanded my thought leadership into several digital marketing areas – the latest one being Podcasts. I highly recommend Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Leaders looking to build their digital footprint, to talk to Digital Genie."

- Warsha Joshi,

Our partners

Personal branding is critical for thought leaders. One of the element of personal branding is to have an exciting bio on website for you and for your team. Our sister brand, offers a done-for-you handcrafted bio writing service.


If you’d like to design your bio in a way that speaks to your target audience, do visit :

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