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The idea of having a Buyer Persona for products and services might be a commonplace. But is it on a document that everyone can see and know? There are several benefits to having a written and published buyer personas. Before we head there, buyer personas are a detailed profile bios of your target audience. And by detailed we mean, knowing their demographic, psychological and behavioral traits and even more.

In the modern inbound marketing strategy, having a clear idea of your target audience allows you to sell them what exact they want at the time and place they want.

For B2B businesses, a deep understanding of their audience is critical to create content that engages the buyers and aligns with sales.

Has your buyer persona been updated after writing it down initially? Buyer personas are a living documents for a company and we recommend that they should be updated once every year.

Digital Genie has enabled several businesses to get started on modern marketing through the number one step – by designing Buyer Persona.

Power of Designing Buyer Persona

Optimise your marketing budget

Marketing communications will not be a hit-or-miss.

Employees will know and interpret the ideal customer accurately

Improved sales conversations

"As a business owner, there are many things that I’ve had to learn and one of those has been to get the right people on board. Marketing is a complex science and no matter of learning can replace years of experience because it starts with a solid foundation. That’s exactly what Surbhi from Digital Genie helped my team and me at Cloudscape. Using their persona building service, we were able to build robust personas for our business. This included understanding our business and our customer base thoroughly to deliver a foundation plus road map for our future marketing efforts. Without her help, we would have lost a great deal of time and money in wasted advertising and marketing. I can’t recommend her and the persona building service enough! "

- Dhiren Bhatia, Cloudscape Technologies, UAE

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